Trident Professional ATF UN - 1L

Professionell olja för automatväxellådor

  • Artnr: MO-8382JE

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Millers Oils Trident Professional ATF UN is a professional automatic transmission fluid developed for multi vehicle applications.


To Compliment the transmission technology, Millers Trident Professional ATF UN has been designed to offer increased fuel economy. This oil also maximises viscosity stability at high temperatures, reducing the wear on the gearbox and enabling superior component protection.


This ATF can also be used in certain power steering systems. Suitable for passenger car & light commercial vehicles (LCV).



Excellent low temperature flow when cold starting, instantly protecting the vital components of the gearbox from the very start of every journey.

High resistance to oxidation and degradation.

Ensures a smooth transmission of power.



WSS-M2C 185A, WWS-M2C166H, WWS-M2C138CJ, XT-2 DDX, XL-12

36.7, 236.6, 236.3, 236.2, 236.1

973J0, 97325



Ford Mercon, WSS-M2C 185A, WWS-M2C166H, WWS-M2C138CJ, XT-2 DDX, XL-12

GM Dexron llD, Dexron II, Type A Suffix A (TASA) GM/0pel/Saturn 19ñ0700 Mazda ATF D-II

Mercedes-Benz MB 236.7, 236.6, 236.3, 236.2, 236.1

Renault Matic D2 Toyota ATF D-II

Volvo 973J0, 97325


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