XF Premium C3 RN 5w30

Helsyntetisk premium motorolja med Dynamic Fluid Technology (DFT)

  • Artnr: MO-8343

Beskrivning av artikel

A premium grade, synthetic engine oil that has been designed for most gasoline (petrol) engines and the Euro 6 diesel engine (2018 onwards). This oil is suitable for use in vehicles where a Renault RN 17 specification 5w30 lubricant is required, which replaces older Renault specifications RN700 and RN710 (backwards compatible)  This oil has been designed for turbocharged petrol direct (TGDI) engines and includes protection for the Petrol Particulate Filters (PPF)  Millers Oils XF Premium is a range of fully synthetic engine oils featuring Dynamic Fluid Technology (DFT)*, specially designed to focus on maximising fuel economy whilst minimising engine wear.  * Dynamic Fluid Technology (DFT) is the unique, superior lubrication technology developed and blended by Millers Oils. 

Performance Profile:

  • ACEA C3
  • Renault RN17

Suitable For:

  • Renault RN700
  • Renault RN710
  • OEM: Renault Dacia Samsung Fiat



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